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Dr. Donald Whitaker

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Once a hardcore atheist who had everything going for him, Dr. Donald Whitaker was living a life totally out of control (alcohol, recreational drugs, lots of partying). He was in research science with PhDs, was very influential in state politics, and was very well connected with the rich and famous like Ringo Star. His life in the fast lane came to a screaching stop when suddenly he grew deathly ill. He came down with a terminal illness that doctors said he would not survive through the night.

"It's easy to be an atheist when your successful...but it is very difficult to be an atheist when you are laying on your death bed ... you begin to think, what if these people (Christians) are right?" - Donald Whitaker

As he began to fade into darkness, Donald began to wonder about the one person who use to share the Gospel to him for years. And finally wondered...How do I get saved? What is saved? I needed to know before I perish.

Listen now to the rest of his fascinating story

Audio Extract from:

To Hell and Back - Maurice Rawlings

Duration: 12 1/2 minutes


Testimony - Donald Whitaker
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