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Dr. Vera A. Hughes

About This Testimony:

Do you believe in Life after Death? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you want to read an amazing true story?

Vera Hughes thought she was going to heaven. Yet, when she died from complications after giving birth to her second child, she found herself at the gates of hell. She had been deceived.

Just as Vera was about to step beyond what would be too late, Jesus rescued her and brought her back to life. This book and interview can encourage those who are struggling between life and death -- either spiritually or physically.

Soft cover: 121 pages. Sid Roth Interview (Approx. 58 minutess) - Purchase Book Here

Vera Hughes is the founder of the Women's International Network (WIN) of Dallas, TX, an organization that equips, mentors, and empowers women.



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(Sid Roth Interview)

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“From the Gates of Hell to the Gates of Glory"


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