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Tyrone Williams


About This Testimony:

This is a "True Life after Death Story" of an individual who lost his right arm in a car accident then flat-lined. Watch and listen Tyrone tell his own experience while in hell.



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“Tyrone went to Hell”

The Tyrone Williams Story


“God is good!”, Tyrone Williams yells out as we pull over to the accident site, where his life was almost ended, and he would have been left to dwell eternally beneath the earth.  I’m not talking about the grave either, I’m talking about Hell, where Tyrone says his soul was for 5 days, while his body laid in a coma on life support at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

7It has been almost two years since the accident, and as Tyrone and I pulled over along side the freeway to talk about it and take photos of the scene for this article, he continued to share his life experiences with me.  We had just come from a waffle house in North Sacramento, where he talked to me about his turbulent childhood, which he explained was full of abuse and chaos.  The types of painful experiences, as he explained, that set him in motion to live a life of crime and become heavily addicted to drugs.  As Tyrone began to recount the experiences of his life and the accident, he revealed how July 5, 2001 was the 180-degree turning point for him from a life of chaos and sin to a life filled with hope and new beginnings. 

I’ll let Tyrone tell it now in his own words:

    “ I was in a car accident July 5, 2001.  Myself, and a friend, and her 2 year-old son was coming back from Weed, California on I-5 after celebrating the 4th of July.  Driving down I-5, I started off the trip driving.  We were coming down the mountains from out of Siskiyou County.  It’s a winding road, but I was getting sleepy, so after we pass Redding, California, I kind-of dosed off a little bit.  The divider on the side of the freeway is what woke me up.   I swerved a little bit, and I pulled over.  My friend and myself sat there and argued, because she wanted me to hurry up and get back to Sacramento, because she had to go to work.  I was too tired.   I was telling her, "No, we were going to rest or you can drive."

I finally snatched the keys out of the ignition and turned my back before we started fighting to go to sleep to get some rest.    So she kept bugging me.  Finally, I went to sleep.  About maybe fifteen or twenty minutes later, I woke up.  I started driving again, and I felt sleepy again.   I made her switch seats with me while we were still driving, and I go on the passenger side.  She got on the driver’s side.  Meanwhile, her son was still sleep in the back of the truck, so I only put my right arm inside the seat belt.  I turned my back to the right, put my head against the window, and went to sleep.  I woke up and my friend was sleep, so I grabbed the wheel.  She woke up hitting the brakes, and the front tire blew out.  Instantly, we started tumbling in the middle of the freeway; flipping.  About the third or fourth flip, I was swinging in the middle of the car from side to side while she was strapped in.  I get knocked out, and a lot of things happened while I was knocked out. 

Going on her information, when she woke up, she gathered her senses, and she looked over and
checked her baby.  He was crying and bleeding from his head, and sh2e had busted her nose.  She looked over to her right, and I was gone, but she saw my hand.  My hand was sitting next to her.  She instantly tripped out, screamed and jumped out the truck, and was running around in a panic looking for me, screaming and yelling, "Where’s Tyrone?  Where’s Tyrone?" 

 A young Hispanic man pulled off the road named Aruba.  He pulls up and Shavonna (my friend) was already outside the truck.  She’s still dazed, but running around crying still looking for me.  All this time, I’m up under water, from the time before she woke up.  At some point while the truck was flipping, I went out the windshield and all this time, I was under the water.

 Aruba runs up to her asking her, "What’s wrong? What’s going on?  May I help you?  Do you need help with anything?"  She continues to scream, "Where’s Tyrone?  Oh my God, Where’s Tyrone?"  Aruba said he looked behind Shavonna and a guy was standing there.

 The guy (I believe was an Angel) had pointed toward the water.  He wasn’t moving or budging.  He only said, "He’s in there."  Aruba looked up at him and was going to ask him why didn’t you get him, but instead he hopped the barb wired fence to come to me.  It was instinct.   Everything that was within him pulled him to hop the four foot fence on the side of the freeway to help me.  He said that right before he dove in, he looked to see where I would be, but the water  was still, like nothing had ever went in, and instantly, he jumped in and came up.  He went down and said the water was seven feet deep.  Up underneath, he said he couldn’t see a thing, but when he made it to the bottom, he grabbed me.  He pulled me up, and when he pulled me to the bank of the water, I had completely drowned.   I wasn’t breathing, and I was bleeding to death.   I had lost so much blood behind my hand coming off inside he truck.   I had lost so much blood they had to do CPR on me.  I coughed  up water and mud and came back a little bit; like I was in the half waypoint.  Something called me back, but I wasn't fully back yet.  I had two liters of water and mud in my lungs.  My lungs were completely filled, and on top of that, I was bleeding to death. 

People were working on me, and trying to keep me calm, as well as keep me alive until help came.  I passed out again; I woke up to being tied down in a helicopter.  While my eyes were closed, I heard paramedics saying, "Just hang in there, you’re going to be alright.  Just hang in there.  Come on, you got to hang in there with us.  Don't go!  Don’t!  Just hang in there."  I felt the cold wind and while I was in the air, I heard the helicopter, the propellers, the noise, as it was lifting up off of the ground, and we flew off.  As they put the mask over my face, I breathe once and then twice, and  I was out again.

 At this point the supernatural world came into view.  Once my body went into the water, my spirit separated from my body instantly.  The paramedics sort-of called me back when they were given me CPR, but I was still crossed over.

When I was thrown into the water, the world flipped upside down and my spirit left my flesh.  In the spirit it was still me though.  I popped up out of the water, and I was looking around, and I notice I was underground.  I was in a big giant cave.  The water, the taste, the smell, what I heard and saw, and what I touched, everything was intensified ten times.  The water was black and slimy; the smell was like stale, old food, and the decay of flesh.  I heard the screams of people, as if they were yelling for help from pain and torment.

 I instantly moved toward the shore of the water, which was about fifteen feet away.  I was standing there and then I fall to my knees.  I threw up the water I had consumed in my body.  It had rushed out of me like running faucet.  I reach up to wipe my mouth, and I notice that my hand wasn’t there anymore.  My right hand w8as gone.  Where my hand was, was now just a blur.  I wasn't concerned with it, so I looked over to the left, and I saw other people that were dying on earth and popping into hell, which was where I was.  As I turned around to look at what was happening, there were so many people coming up.  I could tell whether they were male or female by their shapes, but I couldn’t see their faces.  I looked before me pass the beach and at the top part of the beach were these walls.  Along the walls were entrances to different caves.  There was the beach, and then the walls, and then the holes in the caves, and it went all the way around.  I pulled myself to the bank of the beach, and I saw all these people laid out on the it.

 I chose one of the tunnels to enter and as I glided through one of the tunnels I could see people that were attached to the walls of the tunnel, and they were calling out to me and trying to reach out and grab me.  I was walking directly in the middle of all of this, and had I been one step over on either side, I could have been snatched, but I stayed right in the middle of the line headed towards the opening.  The opening I came out of had a ledge that went straight across.  I was trying to get to the place that was on top of the earth.  As I was coming out of the ground,  I got half- way across a beam, which was going over a ditch and slipped.  I was now hanging from the beam; dangling by one arm.  It was hard to pull myself up by one arm because I couldn't get a good grip.  I was just hanging there and holding on. 

I looked up at the sun, and I saw clouds and some apartments, but in the middle of the apartments, the earth had fallen in.  It was a pit down there, and I was hanging right in the middle over this pit.   I looked up and saw everything.  Then I9 looked down to my right and sticking out of the ground, about the size of a large round table, was a big head of a demon carved out of a rock.  It was dripping with water and mud.  It was wet, and the ground was damp with dripping water.  It was real murky and dark in that place.  I didn’t want to be down there, so I instantly pull myself up with one arm unto the ledge, and I got across.

When I touched the top surface of the earth, my spirit instantly shot back into my body, and I woke up.   I’m pulling, understand?  I’m still in running motion, and I’m running from hell.  I had crawled from out of the pit.  I couldn’t believe it, I was free.  I was back.  The doctors had my body tied down in the hospital and I back in the natural world.

My mind had to download everything.  I was lying there wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me, but God let me know that it was all-real.  Here it was again; he touched me, and it instantly flashed back to me, but this time, it was in super speed motion.  As I was waking up, the doctors were standing over me.  Everybody was standing around me asking me if I remembered? Did I know what was going on? I looked at them and asked, "Where am I?  Who are you? What am I doing here?"  All of a sudden, I see it, oh my God, the truck is flipping over, I’m in the truck again, I’m flipping, I’m spinning around in the middle of the truck, and I’m being flung everywhere; Blam! Blam! Blam! 

All of a sudden, I see the water, me going down, me coming up out of the water into hell, me moving and choosing a tunnel, coming through the tunnel and crawling from out of the pit and getting upon a ledge, falling, seeing the head of a demon, pulling myself up, and stepping back onto the earth.  All of this happened in super speed, and I was back in the natural again.  I laid there.  I couldn’t talk.  My body had all these tubes inside of it, my left hand was numb, and I only had half a forearm now.  I laid in the hospital bed wondering what had just happened? I laid there, and it's hard to describe, but for my mind to be able to accept this type of juice; it’s some serious juice I’m drinking, it was nothing but  juice from God.  It was like no picture I had ever seen in the world, and God just flashed it before me.  After the morphine I been given, doctors had to keep my body in a comatose state so that my lungs could heal, because they had collapsed.  I wasn't breathing on my own, so a machine was breathing for me. 

Although the time it has taken for me to tell you the story of me going to hell is short, on earth all it took five days for all of these events to occur.  Five days on earth for me to go through all of what I went through in a matter of moments in the spiritual realm.  When I came back, I pulled out of it.  I was back, back in this body.  My body was so weak it had been torn apart.  Now, I have more spirit than flesh, so my spirit over powers this body.  Now, I see more, I know more, and I'm more aware of what's around me.

God is turning me to many new blessings, and the Holy Spirit has given me many new gifts that, initially, I really didn’t know how deal with, handle, or control.  Everything just hit me at once, and I was so scared laying in that hospital bed.  I think the first time God touched me was about a week after I was up and the doctors had taken the tubes out of my body.  I was sitting there and he touched me and it all hit me again.  This time I started crying.  I broke down, and I picked up the telephone and called my grandmother.  I said, "Grandmother,  I’m ready."  She said, "Repeat after me," and we said the sinner’s prayer.”

After this experience, Tyrone is now on the straight and narrow road and has not looked back.  Though he returned from beyond with only his left arm (being right handed before the accident), he is still known to many as one of Sacramento’s most talented barbers.  He credits God for his ability rapidly adjust to his new condition and transfer his barbering talent to his left hand.   He views his barber chair as a life boat to rescue lost souls from an eternity of damnation and he does this by telling his story.

 6Tyrone has recently stepped up his life transformation process, which has required temporarily placing his barber chair on hold and  enrolling in the Overcomers Discipleship Program at Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, California.

He indicated that he made this sacrifice, to strengthen his relationship with God, as well as his witness to others.  Meanwhile he is also been working towards his ministry license at his home church,  Showers of Blessings  in Sacramento, California, where the pastor is Dr. Darnell Thomas. 

Tyrone believes God rescued him from eternal damnation for the purpose of telling the love story of Jesus Christ to the world through giving his testimony that others might be saved, receiving the gift of eternal life, and home in Heaven with the Everlasting Father.

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