"Jesus' appearance in Mohammed's
Dreams altered this Muslim's life"

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Mohammed (Nigeria)
"A Jesus Encounter "

"Mohammed (Nigeria) - This Fulani herdsman in Nigeria found the deep love and lordship of Jesus Christ through a series of remarkable dreams. Jesus' appearance in those dreams altered the course of his life. Though his father tried to kill him in the wake of his conversion, he survived the various attempts on his life and eventually led his father to faith in Christ."

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"While certain details have been altered for the sake of dramatization, the following
story has been carefully researched for authenticity and is presented as it happened."


---Mohammed's Testimony---


Arabic Version

Mohammed grew up in a Fulani tribe and started rearing cattle when he was six years old.  He did this for almost 10 years until he went to an Arabic school to study the Qur’an.  Prior to this, Mohammed had learned about Islam from his father.

After several years of schooling, he returned home.  One night he had a frightening dream.  He saw people along the roadside who were suffering.  He entered a gate and people took him and beat him.  Then he was locked in a room that was very hot.  It was so hot that his flesh began to peel off his body.  As he began screaming and trying to kick the door open, he woke up.  He couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.  The next night, he had another dream.  This time he was on a different road and he saw decaying bodies.  He came to the same gate, was beaten and taken to the same room.  His flesh was melting off his body when a man dressed in white appeared.  Suddenly, the room became cold and the people who were beating him disappeared.  The man stretched his hand out and held Mohammed’s hand, saying, “My son, what are you doing here?  Do you want me to take you home?”  Mohammed says, “Within a second I was back home and he said to me, ‘I love you, my son.’”

Two weeks later, Mohammed had a third dream.  He was in the bush and there was a deep hole in front of him and he didn’t know how to cross it.  When he looked into the pit he became scared and thought he would probably fall in and die.  He saw a man dressed in black walking quickly.  This man told him that a lion was coming behind him (Mohammed) and that he should jump over the pit before the lion reached him.  Mohammed could hear the lion’s roar.  Just as he was about to jump, the man in white from his previous dream appeared in front of him and asked, “My son, where are you going?”  The man in black disappeared and the lion’s roar stopped.  Mohammed told the man in white that he was going home.  He asked Mohammed if he wanted help.  The man in white stretched his leg across the whole pit.  As he did this, the hole closed and he told Mohammed to cross over and go home.  When they were close to Mohammed’s house, the man said, “I love you, my son.”

For the next six nights, Mohammed had similar dreams.  Each time, he saw himself in different places and, regardless of where he was, the same man in white came and helped him.  In the last dream (dream #9), Mohammed was sitting under a tree reading books that he couldn’t understand.  The man in white (Jesus) was sitting beside him.  He asked Mohammed what he was reading and Mohammed told him that he was trying to acquire knowledge.  Jesus asked Mohammed if he wanted help and told him that he could show him specific things to read.  Jesus took a book and said, “This book comes from the Lord and it has the message of God inside of it.  In this book, I will show you verses which will help you.”  Jesus read scriptures to Mohammed, including John 14:6, which says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  He explained this to Mohammed and told him that He was the way and the Savior of the world.  Jesus also told him that he would face many trials after becoming a Christian.  He told Mohammed He wanted to be his Savior and explained that He was the man in Mohammed’s dreams, the man who had rescued him.  When Jesus told Mohammed he wanted to give him salvation, and asked, “Do you accept?” Mohammed said yes and Jesus disappeared.

The next day Mohammed went to meet a Christian acquaintance to tell him about this dream.  This friend introduced him to some young men from another church and they led Mohammed to Christ.  He told his parents that he was now a Christian.  After several months, Mohammed’s father forced him to drink poison.  He ordered men in the village to surround Mohammed so he couldn’t escape.  Interestingly, two days earlier Jesus had appeared to Mohammed and told him that whatever difficulties he faced, He would make a way for him.  Mohammed asked his father if he could pray before he swallowed the poison. He prayed, swallowed the poison, and went to bed.  The next morning, to his father’s dismay, Mohammed was still alive.  Later, his family tried to kill him by shooting him with a poisoned arrow.  He spent a month in the hospital, but he survived this experience as well.

After these attempts to end his life, his family tried other tactics to persuade him to leave Christianity.  His father gave him a hundred cows and told him he could have three wives if he were to abandon the Christian faith.  Eventually, Mohammed made his choice – but it was to leave the family home.  He thanked his father for the cows and the offer of three wives and said, “You still have not met the needs that Jesus promised to meet.  If you promise and agree to meet those needs, fine.  Do you have means of giving me life forever?”  His father said no.  Mohammed told his father since he couldn’t provide eternal life, there was no way that he could leave Jesus Christ.

A few years later, while on his deathbed, Mohammed’s father asked Mohammed for forgiveness and said he was ready to receive Jesus as his Savior.  Mohammed led his father in the sinner’s prayer and three hours later, his father died.  On one hand, the passing of his father was a sad event, but on the other hand, it was cause for rejoicing.  Not only had father and son been reconciled with each other before Mohammed’s father left this world, but he left this world in peace, knowing that in the world to come, he would be with Jesus for all eternity, and—at some future date—be with his son again in heaven.



God told in Joel 2:28 "And it shall come to pass afterward,that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,your old men shall dream dreams,and your young men shall see visions"

This is what's happening in these last days.

Muslims are Encountering Jesus In Unusual Dreams all Over the World!

Reported that among African Muslims, "42 percent of the new believers come to Christ through visions, dreams, angelic appearances and hearing God's voice."

"A follower of Jesus from Guinea tells of a person in white who appeared to him in a dream, calling him with outstretched arms,"

"A Muslim from Malaysia saw her deceased Christian parents in a dream, celebrating in Heaven. Jesus, in a white robe, told her, "If you want to come to me, come!" She did.

"A member of the Yakan people in Basilan Province dreamed that the Prophet Mohammed could not look Jesus in the eye. When he told his cousin, a Christian, of the dream, his cousin told him that the dream meant that Jesus is greater than Mohammed."

Muslims worldwide who have reported dreams of Jesus and now follow Isa al Masih as their Savior

"...In the dream, Jesus told me to come to Him and read the Bible and He would show me the way, truth and the life..."

"...I saw some Christians standing in line to get into Heaven. I tried to get into this line also, but a very tall being blocked my path and I started to cry because the side I was on was really horrible but the side they were on was a beautiful place, so beautiful, so blue..."

"...I went back to bed after a short prayer and saw a second dream. This time it was Jesus as I saw him in the Jesus film years ago and I had trashed his video. He was hanging on the cross, the nails were in his hands and feet, yet he was smiling at me and talking to me. Though he was dying he seemed so beautiful. The cross was huge and I seemed like a little boy. My neck was falling back trying to see the whole face of Jesus and suddenly a huge big circle of light came from above the cross and down upon me..."


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"His office has received thousands of letters from Muslims," says Bright. "Many tell of a dream they had: `I saw Jesus. He declared to me "I am the way."

"A fanatical Muslim woman had spent four years in prison for her political activities. While there, Jesus appeared to her in her cell. He personally explained redemption and the gospel. She is now on the Campus Crusade staff, totally sold out to reaching her Muslim people for her Savior."


A typical "Jesus dream or vision" with innumerable variations is usually described by Muslims as a peaceful face that they somehow recognize as Jesus. Often they encounter a compassionate figure in a white robe, calling them to come to Him. Sometimes His hands and arms are extended wide, or Jesus reaches toward them in love and invitation. Many dreams are preparatory experiences to encourage Muslims with the possibility of following Jesus.


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