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Steven Brooks is a dynamic preacher of the Gospel whose ministry is one of crystal clear preaching followed by unusual signs and wonders.  He operates in a powerful one-two punch of apostolic-prophetic ministry coupled with a heaven sent gift of divine healing.  As the supernatural gift of the "working of miracles" operates in his ministry remarkable miracles begin to take place among the people. 

     All types of sicknessess and diseases are healed as Steven prays for the sick.  From incurable cases that doctors have given up on to mental disorders, countless numbers of people have been healed by the power of God.  Even broken bones have been healed instantly, along with severe cases of back conditions such as scoliosis of the spine and injuries suffered through traumatic car accidents. 

     Precious people suffering from cancer, tumors, cysts, hernias, and other physical maladies have also received  miracles of healing through Steven's ministry.  With God all things are possible, and Steven stirs the faith of the hearer to new heights of expectancy.  He releases the joy of the Lord wherever he goes and imparts that joy as he ministers. 

     His joyful attitude has blessed the hearts of multitudes through his ministering in conferences, churches, crusades,  radio, and television appearances.  Through the media of radio and television in the U.S. and internationally many have been touched and changed by his teachings on many subjects such as faith and walking intimately with the Lord.  

The ministry of angels is being restored in the Church. If you are praying for a higher level of spiritual experience, angels are waiting to welcome you to a realm that will bring you closer to your Lord. This book will lead you toward your goal with biblical truths and real-life, personal experiences.

Discover the striking similarities between angels and horses, as well as the answers to these questions:
  • Are you a war horse or a show horse?
  • Have you lost the key to victory?
  • How does God rank angels, demons, and humans?
  • What is the "slipstream of Heaven"?
  • Do you have a personal angel?
Working hand in hand with God's angels, you can draw closer to Jesus and see Him build His Kingdom through you!


About This Testimony:

Working with Angels - Steven Brooks


On It's Supernatural:

Over 15 years ago, Stephen Brooks had a heavenly encounter with an angel, and he's been communicating with angels ever since.

Find out why angels appear to some people, but not to others. And learn about
the new miracles that are coming to America.

Do angels exist?

Are healing miracles real?

Is there life after death?

Can people get supernatural help from another dimension?

Has the future been written in advance?

Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural.
Join Sid on this edition of, "It's Supernatural."

Sid: Hello Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural,
My guest, Steven Brooks, had a visitation from an angel and he was told about an ancient form of victory that few people really understand and grasp. Do you need some victory in your life? Of course you do, welcome to the human race, Steven, when you were a young man, you literally heard the audible voice of God, tell me about that.

Steven: I did Sid, and that was about 18 years ago, when those type of experiences
first began to take place in my life. But I was down in Mississippi at my grandmothers house, and she was a very Godly woman. At that time of the day, nobody was at the house. My family, my brothers plus my grandmother, they had all gone somewhere else,
up the hill to do something. And I was spending time in one of the rooms of the house,
alone, just reading my Bible, and after a while, I just laid out on the floor and was praying,
and kind of reading the Bible, and I heard a voice speak to me, it sounded like a male voice, it was audible, and it said "Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you."

Sid: Did you know that that was in the Bible at the time?

Steven: Not at that time, I didn't, about two weeks later, when I was reading through the book of James, I found it of course, that's James chapter 4, verse 8. But those type of experiences began to propel and push me, to desire to want to have a deeper walk with God.

Sid: But what did you do with this information?

Steven: I started running with it, I didn't understand really how to draw near to God,
but I began to take the steps, the basics, began to study the Bible, read the Bible more,
began to pray, began to wait on the Lord, and by growth and grace, began to make some spiritual progress.

Sid: Then years later, you were on extended fast, and you had quite a visitation, tell me about it.

Steven: This was in the year of 2000 Sid, when I was doing a forty day fast, with just water, and some juice, maybe some thin apple juice, some things along that line, just to give me some energy. But I was on this fast, and on the tenth day, when I was in the office alone, the Lord came into the office. He didn't come in the form of a person.
It appeared as a ball of light that came out from the ceiling and hovered in the corner of the room. And out of that light, out of that ball of glory, the Lord spoke to me. And he said,
"Take a pen and a note pad, and write one through seven." Well I grabbed a pen and note pad as fast as I could, and I wrote one through seven, and he said "write these down, these seven waves of blessing will come upon your life." And after I had written them all down, I looked at them, and it was a blueprint, for the plan, that God has for my life, for my personal life, and also for my ministry.

Sid: Now why did God show you this? I'm just curious, because he hasn't given me a sheet
of paper, and said "these are the seven things.." has he given you a sheet of paper? I wish he had, you're provoking me to jealousy Steven.

Steven: He did that to help me, because I was really wanting to know God's will, and God's plan for my life, not just to try plan A or try plan B, but I really wanted to go for the gold standard. Lord what is it you want me to accomplish in my life? I want to focus on that and really aim and go for that, so when he gave me that blueprint, those are things I can look and it's a faith project, but I can see that the Lord wants to fulfill these things,
and they're coming to pass.

Sid: Now you live in a very unusual place, in North Carolina, its called Gravian Falls,
and I hear so many reports of angels around there, tell me about the area.

Steven: It is a land of angels, it's a tremendously anointed place. I live on a mountain
that's known for angelic type experiences that people have. But that whole area's saturated, I'm not exactly sure why, I think a lot of it has to do with all the prayer
that the Moravian missionaries just imparted into that area, But it's also of people that just love the Lord, and love the deeper things of the Lord, of moving into the Apostolic, the Prophetic, and just love the Lord completely. So it just creates that kind of an atmosphere.

Sid: Okay, tell me, I mean I am fascinated on angels, that's why I love your book, called Working With Angels. But tell me about the time, was it five angels were in a circle, around you?

Steven: That was one of those experiences, you know we cant make these things happen, I wish they could happen more often, but there are times when the Lord has granted me supernatural encounters, either with the Lord, or with angels. And the time that happened was when I woke up, at three o' clock in the morning, and there was a sense, just like David heard that rustling in the mulberry tree, sometimes you know something is about to happen. And I woke up at 3 am in the morning, I saw the clock,
and I knew something was about to happen, in the realm of the spirit, some type of visitation. But you know, honestly Sid, I was tired, It's still three in the morning ,
and we still live in a physical body, and I was tired. So after staying up and praying for about 15 minutes, I just laid down, for a little bit, leaned back on the bed. But at 3:30, I sat straight up, I was totally awake. I saw the clock, it said 3:30, I looked in straight in front of me, and there, at the foot of the bed, in a semi circle, were 5 angels standing there, and they were all looking at me smiling.

Sid: How did they look?

Steven: They looked glorious. They looked as if they had no imperfections at all, just beautiful creatures. They all smiled at me, and said "we are the 5 angels of revival."
Now when they said that, I understood, they're not the only angels of revival. But these were 5 angels, who had stood with 5 men during previous revivals in church history.
And at that time, also 1 revival, that was continuing at that time, at that present time, in the church.

Sid: You told me, and this was kind of mind blowing, that the one at that time that was continuing, this move of Gods spirit, the angel looked like the man, because you knew who he was.

Steven: He did, this angel looked about 85%, like the man, that he stands with and assists in the ministry. I understand now, why when Peter was in jail, and he escapes through miraculous, angelic deliverance, he comes to that house church meeting, that home prayer group meeting, knocks on the door, and Rhoda answers, and goes back and tells them,"Peter's here" and they said "No, it must be his angel." Because they can take on similarities just like the person they're assigned to.

Sid: But who was that man?

Steven: that was Lindell Cooley's angel. I've never met Lindell Cooley, but that was his angel, He was one of those 5 angels.

Sid: So, what Steven is saying, is that if you, and you have an angel, if you learn
how to cooperate with this angel, then you're going to see the manifestations such as, revival. Is that what you're really trying to accomplish with this book?

Steven: That is, it's just that the book inspires people to want to get closer with God.
And what happens when there's that drawing near, then all the other things like the angelic type things can happen, just all the icing the cake, and you know one of the things, well actually, the angels, they came to talk with me, about.

Sid: I'll tell you what, hold that thought, I want to find out what they said. Don't go away, we'll be right back. We'll be right back to It's Supernatural. Did you know that you are not alone? Are you aware that the ministry of angels is being restored? Did you know that
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We now return to "It's Supernatural"

Sid: I protest, unfair, my guest, Steven Brooks, wakes up one evening, and not, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 angels are in a circle around him! How come you get 5? What is the deal?
I'm Jewish, can't I get something extra?

Steven: Well 5 represents grace, so perhaps there was that element of grace, not that I deserve it, but they were certainly there.

Sid: And the thing that amazes me, you called them, they were angels that were behind men or women.

Steven: Ministered with men, ministered in those revivals.

Sid: Why were they there? What was there purpose?

Steven: Well they came to talk to me, they said"we want to talk with you about the spirit of Holiness." And for 30 minutes, they did most of the talking, I was allowed to ask a few questions, but for 30 minutes, they told me how important it is to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord with Holiness. That an individual has a responsibility to do there part.

Sid: Is Holiness the way you dress? Is Holiness, an external thing? What were they telling you?

Steven: Sure, that is a good question, because when they talked with me, there wasn't a trace of what we would call legalism, or you can't do this or you can't do that. Because in our heart we know the Holy Spirit will lead us to do things, that are pleasing to the Lord.
But there is an element of doing things, there are certain things that you don't want to put into your ears. There are certain things that you don't want your eyes to see.
You want to maintain purity as much as possible, because that also will attract the angels.
An impure thought life, the angels pick up on that, In the spirit realm, they are able to see,
what we are emanating, what's radiating out of us.

Sid: I have to ask you a question. What happens if someone watches TV, that is very violent, are we talking about something like that, or are we talking about something much deeper?

Steven: Yes, No those types of things bring a type of spiritual defilement, and the person may think, that doesn't affect me, but in the spirit realm, those things are very easily distinguished. Angels can tell what a person is emanating, If you're emanating the love of God, and that purity, they want to be around you. But if a person puts all kinds of garbage and filth inside of there mind, and inside of there thinking, evil spirits are able to tell
what a person is emanating and they will be attracted to that. Impure thoughts, they will gather around that. Thoughts of self-centeredness, depression, that draws them. So there's ways that we need to live, that are holy and pleasing to the Lord, to please the Lord, and to create and atmosphere that's conducive to the Holy Spirit.

Sid: What else did they do or tell you?

Steven: It was interesting, I was looking at one of the angels, and, I don't know the man
that he stood with and served during the revival, that he ministered in, but that angel appeared to me to be one of the most humble beings I have ever seen in my life, so I knew the man that he stood with, must have been extremely humble. So I asked that angel, I said "what was it like to have been in a full blown move of God's Spirit during the revival that you ministered in?" And he said "Really, we didn't have much to do with it,
we gave all the glory to God, he carried the whole thing." And that angel just deflected everything, right back on the Lord, and I knew that the man that he helped stand with in ministry must have been an extremely humble man. It kind of reminds me of what it said about Moses, in the book of Numbers, that he was the most humble man on the face of the earth. So there's somebody today that actually is the most humble person on the face of the earth. So there are categories that God ranks, there are things that we can move into, there's a race that's going on, to be closest to the Lord, to be humble.

Sid: Now man looks at someone on television someone that has a meeting with 10,000, 100,000 people in attendance, but I think God's measurement is different then man's.
Steven: It can be completely different, the way the Lord measures success. It's really being obedient to the Lord and doing what he told you to do, whatever that might be, that's where the reward is at, that's where the anointing is at.

Sid: Oh, you've got to tell me, you've experienced, what revival was like. Tell me that.
Steven: Right at the end, before they left, they asked me a question, they said
"would you like to experience what it is like to be under that power of the Holy Spirit
in a full blown move of Gods spirit, a Holy Ghost revival" is what they called it, they actually used what we would consider an old fashioned term. I said "yes!" I said "absolutely!" You know, It wasn't time to go back to bed, But Sid, when I did that, each one of those angels, reached out with his right hand and extended his index finger, and they touched me with the very tip of their finger, very gently, and I fell out for 2 hours.

Sid: What do you mean you fell out?

Steven: I was shocked. It was like I got hooked up to some kind of electric current,
it just went all through my body, I lost all strength, I fell off the bed.

Sid: did you hurt yourself?

Steven: I wasn't bruised or anything, but I was shaking, tremendous shaking for 2 hours, and you know, my mind is still working the whole time this is going on, and I'm thinking, I'm going to wake up my wife, I'm going to wake up my daughter in the next room.
because I had left the room to go into a separate room to pray. But it's one of those things, you just yield to, It's the Lord doing work. In the early American history, the Shakers and Quakers, that's how they got those names, the Spirit of God just doing a shaking.

Sid: But what was God literally, and maybe you don't know, but what was God doing in you?

Steven: That's a good question, he was doing a deeper work. He was shaking more of Steven Brooks out, so there could be more of God to fill me up. It's just a deeper surrender to the Lord, it's a deeper letting go, it's a deeper saying "I'll do anything and I
really mean it, as much as I can possible and sincerely express that." That's what it is,
just making more room for him.

Sid: Now did these angels tell you, what's coming next as far as revival, or no?

Steven: That's one of the things, on that 40 day fast, The Lord talked with me also, on that 10th day, when he came to me, those angels, particularly at that time, those 5 angels, they didn't speak to me. But the Lord did talk to me, about the next coming healing revival, which is going to be an awesome move of God's Spirit. It's already beginning slightly to break upon the church, So I'm one of the people, I'm not really waiting until it breaks to start moving in it, I've already been praying and God's been doing incredible miracles with me.

Sid: Listen, you told me some of the miracles, that are going to happen in the next move of God's Spirit, and Steven Brooks is beginning to have a foretaste of this. Don't go away,
we'll be back in just one moment. We'll be right back to "It's Supernatural" Sid Roth has found the key to world wide revival. This is God's time to reach the Jewish people
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tools to equip you, to move in signs and wonders, understand Israel, and the Jewish roots of the church. Log on to www.sidroth.org today. We now return to "It's Supernatural"

Sid: Hello Sid Roth here, with Steven Brooks, and Steven had a visitation from Jesus.
Jesus described to him the next, the greatest, move of the God's Spirit in history for healing and miracles that's about ready to happen. Steven, what did He tell you?

Steven: Well, the interesting thing, Sid, is that the Lord said"I want to talk with you about the coming healing revival," and I was very interested in that. And so, He began to share some things with me, and one of the things I want to share is that it's America's turn.

Sid: I hear so much bad stuff about America, it's good to hear some good about America.
Steven: Well praise the Lord, there's some great things coming. The Lord has provoked the American church to jealousy. We've heard about the great miracles, even the creative miracles, in South America, in Africa, and different parts of the world, but we've only seen little tidbits of that here in America. But that is coming to America. These great creative miracles are coming to America, and a healing revival is going to hit a level that will surpass anything that's ever happened in church history. It's going to be very powerful.

Sid: Give me some specifics He told you of the types of healings.

Steven: The Lord gave me several specific examples. He said one thing that will happen in these meetings, they'll run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He said they'll run around the clock. It'll just be a total outpouring of His Spirit. He said one thing that'll take place is that
people that have suffered sever burns, even third degree burns which can even be fatal,
they'll be brought into the meeting and laid out in the meeting, He said they'll be completely healed and receive brand new skin.

Sid: I can picture this going on in Israel with all the terrorism that goes on there,
and I can picture people that know God - not religion, not tradition - but know God,
going into the hospitals and the burn units. Can you picture that, Steven?

Steven: Absolutely, it happened to Naaman, the Syrian army general. He received brand new skin. It's said his skin was like that of a young child. And so, we're going to see these types of creative miracles that won't boggle our faith, but it will boggle the imagination of many people.

Sid: What did He tell you about brain damage?

Steven: He told me even children that have Down's syndrome, or people that have suffered mental retardation, they'll come into the meetings. The Lord told me this,
He said they will sit under that glory and sit in that glory that will be in those meetings, and He said in two weeks they'll be completely healed; their mind will be completely restored to them.

Sid: You've had a foretaste of this. Tell me about the person you prayed for.

Steven: I've prayed for several people the Lord has touched, children that have suffered Down's syndrome, and the Lord just caused their mind to snap, and it affected their physical bodies. Their mothers told me that a miracle has taken place and their children have been healed. And so we're already touching on this, pushing into these realms that the Lord just wants to explode upon the American church.

Sid: Now you have a deal with keys, and God used lost keys to tell you of an ancient form
of victory that most people are clueless about. Explain.

Steven: I had two experiences take place in my life that for a couple of years were very perplexing, very puzzling, in that I twice lost my set of keys. I never lose keys, but one time, before the Lord put me in full time ministry, years back I was in the plumbing field, I lost my keys. And I found them in a most unusual way that I talk about in the book on working with angels. Several years went by; actually, quite a few years went by,
but I was in Arabian Falls helping a friend with a project, and I lost my keys again, and found them in a most unusual way that I talk about in the book. Well, I went to do a meeting, a revival meeting, up in northern Virginia. I was there for five days. On the last day of that meeting, I was in the hotel room alone. I had one more meeting to do that night. I was praying in the afternoon, getting ready for that night service. My wife and daughter had gone into town to do a few things, I had the hotel room all to myself.
I was praying and waiting on the Lord, when suddenly somebody came into the room.
The whole atmosphere of the room changed, and he told me - it was a male voice -
and this being spoke to me, and said"That's why you were allowed to have found lost keys, because praise is the lost key to victory."

Sid: Tell me about that woman with the broken bones that praised to victory.

Steven: That was a great miracle that happened in one of our conferences we hosted recently. This lady flew all the way out from California. She believed that if she got to the meeting, God would do a miracle in her foot. Her foot had five broken bones that the doctor had examined, had X-rayed, and showed the bones. And she came out to this meeting and believed that God would do a miracle in her foot. She came on her crutches and everything, but she brought a pair of tennis shoes to wear back. She came in faith. She knew God was going to do it. I prayed for her that afternoon, on the last day of the meeting. This was late in the afternoon, that night we had one more session. And on that last praise and worship song of that meeting, guess who came dancing down the aisle in front of hundreds of people with a brand new healed foot? You know, when she went back to the doctor, he reexamined her foot in California and said "Now that we've reexamined your foot, you actually broke seven bones." And he held up the X-ray to her and said"I've never seen such phenomenal new bone growth development." And on the X-ray it shows white streaks that just shot out where the new bones just instantly grew back out. She was completely healed.

Sid: And you know what just blows me away is one day Steven was praying, and all of a sudden he felt as if someone was in the back seat of his car. He was there alone, just praying. Did you feel like the car going down a little bit?

Steven: When I went into this experience, I actually felt the weight of the car go down,
and I know that somebody had come and sat in the back seat of the car. And I said "Lord,
somebody just came and sat in the back seat of the car." He said "Yes they did. Two angels have come." I said "What are they here for?" He said "They are here to help you
in your times of prayer and fasting." I said "What are their names?" He said "Their names are Joash and Josiah." And when I heard this voice, the Lord speaking to me, I turned around and looked in the back seat of the car, and sitting there were two angels,
the most beautiful beings I'd ever seen in my life.

Sid: Steven, you're provoking everyone to jealousy. I believe as Steven prays for you,
you will be more sensitive to the spirit realm than you ever have before. Steven, would you pray?

Steven: Father God, I pray for those that are watching this program today all around the world. Father, I thank You that You've given Your angels to assist and aid and help Your people. They are ministers of salvation. Now Father, I pray for a greater angelic awareness of the spirit realm and of the angels than ever before for Your people.
I pray for a heightened sense of awareness and alertness Father, and I thank You
for increased angelic activity and breakthroughs and deliverance in the lives of Your people. Father, in Jesus name, amen.

Sid: Do you remember that Steven heard an audible voice?"If you will draw close to Me, I will draw close to you." That's been the whole purpose that God orchestrated that you watch this show, so that you will take a baby step towards God. And He says this to you:

"I promise you - I'm not a man that I should lie - I promise you that I will draw close to you."

The very first step is to make Him your Messiah and Lord. Wherever you're at,
this is your first step of drawing close to God. And if you will pray a prayer something like this,

"Dear God, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, for which I'm sorry. I believe that Yeshua" (that's Hebrew for Jesus. Or say "Jesus".)"I believe that Jesus took all of my mistakes, called sins, on Him. And by His blood, my sins were not just covered, they were washed away. And now, I can have intimacy with You, God. You've always loved me,
but You haven't been able to live inside of me, and I haven't been able to experience
all of the love that You have for me. And I'm ready to experience! I've experienced the world, I'm about ready to experience You, God. I've tried everything else, I want You!
This is my way of drawing close to You!"

Use your own words. You don't want to use my words. But you got the drift of what I'm saying. And I promise you that if you'll make Jesus your Messiah and Lord, as best you can, that's your way of drawing close to God. And as you take those baby steps, your Father - and He's a perfect heavenly Father - is going to come running to you, He's going to put His arm around you, He's going to address you in royalty, because you are His child, and He's going to give you real shalom - real peace. That's what you want. Peace is in Jesus.

Did you know that you are not alone? Are you aware that the ministry of angels is being restored? Did you know that God has assigned an angel to assist you?

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