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Raising the Dead


"Why should it be thought a thing incredible with
you, that God should raise the dead?" (Acts 26:8)


About This Tract-

This CD Tract targets not only the lost but the Christian who believe miracles are NOT for today. Should it really surprise a true believer that God is working miracles today to include even raising the dead?

According to the Bible, "Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). If Jesus was ever a miracle worker, He is today. Did He ever tell you He had stopped doing miracles?

To deny miracles is to mock prayer today, since even the slightest true answer to prayer involves a measure of divine intervention. God can do whatever He wants at any time. He has not gone on an extended vacation. While there is order in the Universe, there is also plenty of scope for the direct involvement of God's Spirit.

You may be in a situation where you have already realized that no one can help you but God. Your prayer may be something like this: "Lord, I need a miracle!"

There is nothing too difficult for God to do. God wants to help you in every way. There is only one reason why God will not help you, and that is if you limit Him. Jesus says, "All things are possible to him who believes." Your faith releases God to work on your behalf. The opposite is also true; your doubt can limit God.

Moses said of God, "You are the God who performs miracles" (Psalm 77:14). It is God's nature to perform miracles. Just as it is the nature of a carpenter to work on wood, just as it is the nature of a mechanic to work with machines, so it is with God. It is his nature to work miracles.

Miracles are as natural to God as breathing is to us. Christianity is founded on miracles. The Bible speaks of the virgin birth, Christ's miracles, the fulfillment of prophecies, the resurrection of the dead, the coming of the Holy Spirit and much more. Christianity is a miraculous religion.

Yet many who call themselves Christians deny miracles. Numerous religious leaders deny the virgin birth, the inspiration of the scriptures, miracles and even the resurrection of Christ. How can they call themselves Christians and deny these truths?

Then there are those who accept the miracles of the Bible, but deny them for today. Why do they deny miracles for today? One reason: TRADITION. Tradition has robbed Christianity of the miraculous. To take away the supernatural from Christianity is to rob God of His testimony.

It's my prayer that this CD Tract will not only increase your faith in a God of miracles but lead you into a closer walk with the Lord.

Duration: 73:55 minutes

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On September 20, 2006, 53-year-old Jeff Marken walked into the emergency room of Palm Beach Gardens Hospital suffering from a massive heart attack. Dr. Chauncey Crandall serves as a cardiologist at the hospital and was called in to evaluate Jeff after treatments to revive him seemed unsuccessful. Jeff died 40 minutes later and was declared dead.

As the nurse began preparing Jeff’s body for the morgue, Dr. Crandall heard the Holy Spirit tell him to pray for Jeff’s body.

“When the Holy Spirit talks to you, you have to respond,” he said. “I turned around and went to where his body was being prepared. There was no life in him. His face, feet and arms were completely black with death, and I sat next to his body and I prayed.”

A few minutes later, there was a heartbeat.

“It was a perfect beat; a normal beat, and then after a few more minutes, he started moving and then his fingers were moving and then his toes began moving and then he started mumbling words,” he said.

Three days later, Jeff awakened. Dr. Crandall shared the Lord with him and he dedicated his life to Christ.


Dr. Crandall recalls one day, during hospital rounds, receiving a direct call from God to start praying for his patients.

“I told the Lord in prayer that I would pray for one person a week,” he said. “I started doing that and His boldness increased in me. One person a day went to many a day, and then it got to be so out of hand that I had to hire a chaplain to work with me full-time. He prays for the patients I can’t pray for.”

Dr. Crandall lives constrained to this challenge and prays with his patients for their healing and salvation in Christ.

“We have salvations all the time. People come to know the Lord,” he said. “We’ve seen miraculous healings in the office, cancers disappear and almost any disease you can think of, we’ve prayed for and have seen the power of God and miracles happen.”

Despite taking the torch of prayer to his patients, Dr. Crandall has also run into opposition along the way.

“We get laughed at, we get ridiculed and we get persecuted,” he said. “A lot of things come in our direction. People think we’re weirdoes or whatever, but we’re not off in the distance with our medicine. We practice excellent conventional medicine. We don’t do alternative things although we’re not opposed to that. We practice the best of medicine and the best of Jesus.”                    


Dr. Crandall was born and raised in Virginia just outside of Washington D.C. He comes from seven generations of ministers, some of which helped birth religious freedom within the New World. God revealed Himself early on in Dr. Crandall’s life when he was just six-years-old attending a gospel service being held in a local barn. The hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers, began to play, and Dr. Crandall remembers feeling the presence of God for the first time.

“It sent chills up my body,” he said.

However, for many years he ran from God but was brought back to Him at the age of 19 in Togo, West Africa, when he was financially abandoned on an anthropology trip with his college.

“It was kind of a desperate situation,” he said. “The professor ran off with all of our money and I was left alone in a country I had never been to before. I had never been out of the United States, and I was in cultural shock having to navigate through the area without money and by myself.”

Dr. Crandall remembers being on his knees crying out to the Lord in a brothel bar to save his soul. Around the same time, his future wife was praying that he would get born again on his trip.

“We were dating at the time, but she had been praying and fasting for me for a year that I would come to know the Lord,” he said.

Dr. Crandall believes her prayers were effective. While in the brothel bar, he recalls looking up to see a world map above the bar cabinets split in two. The New World was on the left and the Old World was on the right. He took this to be a sign from God, confirming that the old man needed to be split from the new man who was now in Christ Jesus. Dr. Crandall accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and was born again!

At the age of 27, while attending medical school, Dr. Crandall found himself in the middle of the Communist Revolution on the island of Grenada in the British West Indies.

“It was kind of exciting to be there. There were gunships all over the place,” he said.

It was at this time that the Lord stressed the importance of water baptism.

“We were going to a small Berean African-Caribbean church,” he said. “It was really on my heart to be baptized, and it was an important moment in my life as a believer.”

In a small Caribbean cove with African brothers and sisters in Christ, Dr. Crandall was water baptized as Russian/Cuban gun ships patrolled the shoreline.  


Dr. Crandall and his wife, Deborah, were married in 1978 and currently reside in Palm Beach, Florida. They have two sons, Christian Pierce and Chadwick Baxter. In 2000, Chadwick Baxter became ill with leukemia, and that year proved to be a big turning point in Dr. Crandall’s life.

When his son became ill, Dr. Crandall knew as a physician and scientist that his son’s disease could not be beaten, and that he needed to run after Jesus.

“I didn’t know how to pray, I didn’t know how to fast, I didn’t know how to pray for healing and I didn’t believe in deliverance at that point in my Christian walk. I never saw anyone delivered,” he said. “I had no one to hang with me; no one who believed in the outpouring of healing. All of the churches I went to where I lived didn’t believe in it.”

Dr. Crandall strongly believed in the healing power of God and kept proclaiming the word of God over his son’s life even though he didn’t understand it.

“I had to go that walk by myself. I read the Bible all day. I would consume it for hours crying out to God, ‘Bring someone to me that believes,’ he said. “Finally, after three months I went to my wife and said, ‘No one believes.’ I can’t find anyone that believes in the word of God anymore.”

Deborah encouraged him to go and listen to a minister who was speaking in his area, and when Dr. Crandall went to the service, he was amazed at what he saw.

“People were slain in the Spirit. I had never seen it. Everything he talked about concerning healing, I had been studying in the Bible, and he was right on,” he said. “People started dropping. I wanted to get up and walk out of the church, but I heard the Lord say, ‘Stay, this is for your son.”

After that service, Dr. Crandall went to the altar for prayer and received a touch of the Holy Spirit. When the visiting minister prayed for him, Dr. Crandall says the power of God hit him like he had never known, and an aggressive boldness for the gospel and for saving souls overtook him. Afterwards, the Lord became more real to Dr. Crandall and his family, and he realized they would be okay with Chad’s illness.

“First, I had to believe He was real. Second, I had to believe in the Word of God. Third, I had to believe that miracles could happen. Fourth, I had to believe that deliverance was real,” he said. “Finally, at the very end, the Lord said, ‘Now just praise me.”

Four years later Chad went to be with the Lord. As a result, Dr. Crandall prayed and asked the Lord for a million souls for His kingdom.

“I said, ‘Father God, I plant the seed of my dead child in the ground for a million soul harvest,’ he said. ‘You give it to me, Lord, and I’ll bring them in.’ That was my prayer. My family and I made a decision to run to the Lord and not from Him.”

Like Job who lost all of his children and still trusted God, the death of Chad drove Dr. Crandall to the Lord and God blessed him abundantly in ministry.

Dr. Crandall established The Chadwick Foundation in memory of his son. The foundation is an officially approved 501 [c][3] Non-profit Foundation. Currently, the foundation is in the beginning stages of building an orphanage in Columbia.



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