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My Sheep - Obey My Word

About This Tract- This CD Tract was compiled with the "Lost Sheep" in mind. Specifically. it is directed at the "False convert, Christian by name only, foolish virgin, lukewarm, & backslidden". In other words, those who think or say they are Christians, but according to the Word of God are absolutely not!

The Lord has urgently laid in my heart more than any other CD Tract the urgency and importance of this message.

Believers must in love draw the lost sheep(or false convert) into the sheepfold by the Word(Love) of God. According to our Lord...


Christ is certainly our "Good Shephard".

"I am the good shepherd. I know my own"—by which I mean, I love them—"and my own know me." In plain words: those who love me are willing to follow me, for anyone who does not love the truth has not yet come to know it.

My dear brethren, turn now to consider how these words of our Lord imply a test for yourselves also. Ask yourselves whether you belong to his flock, whether you know him, whether the light of his truth shines in your minds and hearts. I assure you that it is not by faith alone that you will come to know him, but by love; not by mere conviction, but by action. John the evangelist is my authority for this statement. He tells us that "anyone who claims to know God without keeping his commandments is a liar."

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them; they follow me, and I give them eternal life. "Shortly before this he had declared: "If anyone enters the sheepfold through me he shall be saved; he shall go freely in and out and shall find good pasture."

John 10:1-29

If you love me OBEY MY WORD. ~Jesus~

Duration: approx. 79 minutes

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