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The Quickening - "Enter into the Firestorm of God's Grace"

A message of hope that is stirring an appetite for God's presence in the church, the state house, and the marketplace.

The Quickening delivers the next level of intensive training and encouragement to Christians everywhere who have set a course toward transforming revival in their own communities and nations.

Hosted by George Otis, Jr., The Quickening features an international cast of today’s most dynamic revival and transformation advocates including John Mulinde, Ruth Ruibal, Campbell McAlpine, Alistair Petrie, Jackson Senyonga, Roger Armbruster, Thomas Muthee, Jack Hayford, Eddie Smith, Harold Caballeros, George Barna and many more.

Part inspiration, part instruction, this 53 - minute videos presents...

  • Compelling evidence that the spiritual quickening forseen by the prophet Amos is now upon us.
  • Expanded teaching on key definitions, core principles, and common obstacles related to community transformation.

Enter into the firestorm of God's grace!

Let the Sea Resound

In an earlier, but not so distant, age the nation of Fiji groaned under the weight of superstition and socery; ancestral spirits roamed freely promising abundance, and demanding their due; tribal fighting was gruesome and frequent. Fueled by revenge and greed, violent warriors depopulated entire villages--even islands.

Today's Fiji bears no resemblance to its former self.

Highlights the dramatic transformation of Fijian society in the aftermath of
the nation’s devastating May 2000 coup. In one of the most remarkable
success stories of the modern era, the Fijian experience offers a potent
reminder of what is possible when church and state come together for the
well-being of society.

This 75-minute documentary covers the astonishing revival that is currently sweeping through the nation of Fiji. It is a moving and instructive testament of unprecedented Christian unity, contemporary signs and wonders, rapid church growth and genuine socio-political transformation. The breath of God has revived even the land and the sea.

Two-and-half years in the making and destilling more than 300 hours of footage, this may well be The Sentinel Group's most powerful documentary to date.

Transformations 1

50 Million Viewers... 150 Nations... 6 Continents... 25 Languages...

What do so many in so many different places see in the award-winning one-hour documentary? Join the journey as you see for yourself how God’s presence and the power of prayer have transformed four communities from around the globe.

You'll see ...
• Why 60,000 Taiwanese gathered to watch Transformations.
• Why some law enforcement officers are using the video as a crime reduction strategy.
• Why translation requests are in process for nearly 30 languages.
• Why a South African mayor personally distributed videos to 100 other mayors and civic leaders in his nation.
• Why television stations in the U.S., Russia, Jamaica, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, India and Singapore, Canada and Fiji are showing it.
• Why thousands of people from around the world are awed by what they see in Transformations, and why the 23rd International Angel Awards in Hollywood, California, named it "Best Video."
• Why producer George Otis, Jr. has been honored by government and church leaders around the world for this superb documentary.

Producer George Otis, Jr. has taken years of research and combined it with powerful emotive stories to document dramatic change in unique communities - from Cali, Colombia to Almolonga, Guatemala, Hemet, California to Kiambu, Kenya. The places are different, the message is the same. Like the "The Prayer of Jabez", Transformations has a universal message for Christians everywhere - God is alive and well, and He is transforming people and communities around the world.

Transformations II - "The Glory Spreads"

The award-winning Transformations video introduced audiences to dramatic modern-day miracles in communities from the four corners of the globe. Documenting crumbling drug cartels, diminishing youth gangs and the rebuilding of broken economies, Transformations showed viewers what God can do when Christians come together and pray. These amazing stories have encouraged people in over 150 nations, causing them to ask, "Can I see more?"

Responding to viewers' desire for more, and the overwhelming evidence that God is doing more, producer George Otis, Jr. and The Sentinel Group have released Transformations II: The Glory Spreads. This powerful sequel takes you from hoping for community transformation, to believing it possible for God to come in His miraculous power in your region and nation.

This unforgettable documentary opens in the Far North where scores of communities throughout the Eastern Arctic Region of Canada have experienced dramatic changes in families, schools and government. It takes us across the ocean to Scotland, where a church's congregation prayed and saw pubs emptied and the church filled.

Concluding in Uganda, a nation crippled by un-ending war, AIDS and economic doom, Transformations II reveals a nation beginning to stand on strong legs of integrity and righteousness. You'll see communities reveling in all-night prayer meetings, and astonishing church growth; hear the health minister verify the country's plummeting AIDS rate, and experience the jubilation as the President and First Lady rededicates the nation to God.


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