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Evolution is a theory that has never been a proven fact, yet public teachers erroneously and repeatedly confirm it. One of the most skilled authorities and debaters on the creation-evolution controversy is Dr. Kent Hovind. Presented here are the 7 parts(+Bonus-Children Video - a must see for children) of his Creation Seminar.  Dr. Kent Hovind disposes the dangers in educating people in the evolution theory and we will learn how subjective and subtile this is being done. He gives us an abundance of factual scientific evidence supporting the idea of creation as the bible teaches. But this is also confirmed in about 300 origin of the world stories from around this planet, who inform us about a worldwide flood. His fact-filled informative seminars cause even the most devout evolutionist to sit up and take notice.

     As a fifteen year veteran high school science teacher, his love for science sparked his interest in creation vs evolution. He saw the tremendous need for exposing evolution as a dangerous, religious world-view, and for arming Christians with scientific evidence that there are no contradictions between true science and the Bible. In response to these needs, shortly after finishing his Ph.D. in education, he began the full-time ministry of Creation Science Evangelism.

     Since its beginning in 1989, his ministry continues to grow as Dr. Hovind speaks over 700 times each year in public and private schools, churches, universities, and on radio and television broadcasts. His humerous, fast-paced, illustrated seminars provide documented evidence against the unscientific theory of evolution. Dr. Hovind's goal is to strengthen the faith of believers and to confound and convict evolutionists. He offers $250,000 to anyone with emperical evidence (scientific proof) of evolution. He lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife and their three children.


What others are saying..."This video set changed my life. I was a college student wondering through life. Although I was a Christian, I had no idea how to explain the creation of man or the flood. I thank God, and his beloved for helping me to understand the age of the earth, the flood, how dinosaurs fit in with man, and so so so much more. I highly recomend these videos to anyone who wants their faith strengthened, or anyone that is unsaved."
- Heath

"Creation Science Seminar":

1. The Age of the Earth: Giving scientific evidence to prove a literal six-day creation, Dr. Kent Hovind refutes evolution's proposition that the earth has evolved over billions of years. The first of seven in the seminar series, The Age of the Earth, uncovers the follies of the Big Bang theory as well as exposing the religious beliefs of evolution. 2 hrs.
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2. The Garden of Eden: The Garden of Eden, part two of the seminar series, describes the earth as it was before the worldwide flood. Dr. Hovind explains in detail how it was possible for man to live over 900 years, for plants and animals to grow much larger than today, and for dinosaurs to thrive along with man. 1hr 56 minutes.
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3. Dinosaurs and the Bible: For many years, some thought the existence of dinosaurs discredited the Biblical account of creation. In part three of the seminar series, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Dr. Hovind traces the Biblical and historical references to dinosaurs and interviews people who claim they have seen living dinosaurs. 2hr 37 minutes.
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4. Lies in the Textbooks::
In part four of the seminar series, Dr. Hovind shows how public school textbooks are permeated with fraudulent information in order to convince students that evolution is true. Lies in the Textbooks is a must-see for every public school student, teacher, parent and school board member. 2hr 31minutes.
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5. The Dangers of Evolution:  In The Dangers of Evolution, Dr. Hovind reveals the terrible effects that evolutionary beliefs have had on societies throughout history. Giving examples of evolution-based philosophies being used to rationalize the brutal acts of rulers, he exposes evolutionary propaganda in its effort toward the "New World Order." 2 hr 55 minutes.
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6. The Hovind Theory
: The Hovind Theory blends scientific observations with Scripture in a fascinating explanation of what caused Noah's Flood, the Ice Age, the formation of coal, mountain ranges, and the Grand Canyon. Dr. Hovind gives logical answers to the physical anomalies that geologists cannot explain with the evolutionary theory. 2 hr 36 minutes.
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7. Question and Answer Session:
The last in the seminar series, Questions and Answers, covers a variety of topics including radiometric dating and the speed of light in relation to star distance. In addition to "primitive man" and race origins, Dr. Hovind discusses the mark of the beast and supposed contradiction's in the Bible. 180 minutes.
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8. A Children's Video About Dinosaurs: An excellent bonus video to show to our children and other youngsters. It is presented in a way even the youngest can grasp the fallacy of Evolution.
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