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Pastor/Evangelist Ronald Reagan

About This Testimony:

Take a journey with us from the mountains of Eastern Tennessee to the fiery pits of Hell with Evangelist Ronald Reagan as he tells the true story of his personal encounter with the flames of Hell. Hear the voice of one who has seen the flames and heard the screams of the hopeless. 

About Ronald Reagan:

Ronald Reagan, a powerfully anointed Evangelist, is known for his dynamic preaching and teaching. The Ministry has been the center of his life since 1972. Ordained in the Church of God in 1982, he received his B.A. degree in Bible as well as a Masters in Divinity. He has also served for 14 years as Tennessee State Evangelist. Growth has been experienced in every church where he has been privileged to pastor. The Reagan's have a total of seventeen years Pastoral experience.

Evangelist Ronald Reagan's heart for winning the lost is evidenced in the response to the thousands of revivals and crusades that he has held across the United States as well as many foreign countries. To this point, the Reagan's have seen over 10,000 conversions, and helped plant two churches in Mexico, one in India, and two in the United States. His zeal is shared by Elaine, his wife since 1964, who accompanies him.

Audio Extract: To Hell and Back

Duration: approx. 16 minutess

Testimony - Ronald Reagan
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