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Bishop "Earthquake" Kelley
Deliverance, Hell, & Heaven Testimony

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About This Testimony:

As former professional boxer, now turned Hollywood pastor, Bishop Curtis  "Earthquake" Kelley is sharing his powerful anointed message with people  around the world. His appearances on many Christian television and radio  programs is moving people as never before. 

His story about a trip he had to Heaven following a brain aneurysm is also  found in his moving book, "Bound To Lose, Destined To Win" which is available now.

"In this powerful book, pastor and former heavyweight boxer Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley shares an extraordinary testimony of his salvation and deliverance from voodoo and sorcery. You will read of his near-death experiences--first, after dying from a drug overdose as a teenager and entering hell, then years later, after dying of a brain aneurysm and entering Paradise.

Bishop Kelley answers questions such as: Are heaven and hell real? What happens when you die? What message does God have for the church today? How do you recognize the schemes of the enemy? And how do you live in the victory that Jesus purchased for you at the cross? This book will help you gain valuable knowledge to live victoriously and to know with certainty where you will spend eternity. (The book includes questions and answers plus a study guide.) Soft cover.

Former heavyweight boxer Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley is founder and pastor of The Bridge of Deliverance International in Hollywood, California. He ministers internationally and is a popular conference speaker and anointed deliverance minister. He has appeared on TBN, Manna-fest and It's Supernatural! with Sid Roth.

“It felt like a hundred volts hit me in the head and traveled down to my shoulders,” the author explains  in his book. “The pain that followed felt like twenty men were punching me with their fists.” After  Pastor Kelley's book was released he was interviewed on Pastor Perry Stone's television program,  Manna-Fest.

Kelley was unaware that he was having a brain aneurysm, which according to the bishop, marks the  last two hours to two weeks of your life. He was then rushed to the emergency room, but passed away  in his hospital bed.

Heaven’s Golden Vessel then tells how Kelley remembers rising and looking at his dead body and  traveling to Heaven. While in Heaven, Kelley speaks to his loved ones, including a visit with his  murdered son, as well as a conversation with God himself. During this talk, the preacher receives a  message to give to this generation, the reason he could not stay in the other realm.

“I cried, laughed and repented by the end of the book,” one reader commented, “I look forward to  seeing my loved ones again with greater anticipation after reading this book. Bishop Earthquake,  on behalf of this generation, thank you for bringing this word from Heaven."

Kelley was born one of eleven children in Stamford, Conn., and was the son of a Haitian voodoo  practitioner. As a child, he learned more than 1,000 witchcraft techniques, and began to have drug  problems starting at the age of four. This led him into a life of drug dealing and abuse.

Following a drug overdose, he gave his life to the Lord during a revival in Milwaukee in 1971.

At the age of 14, he was recruited by a boxing manager who knew his reputation as being a “bad kid,”  and encouraged him to step into the ring. Kelley had approximately 20 professional fights between  1986 and 2001.

During his boxing career, he began a substance abuse ministry called the B.R.I.D.G.E. in Carson, CA,  which later moved to the West Adams Foursquare Church. In 1991, Kelley founded The Bridge of  Hope Church, which in 2005, became known as Bridge of Deliverance.

Summary of Earthquake Kelley:

1 - Father attempted to abort him and abortion failed.
2 - Was raised up by his father to be a Voo-Doo Priest,
mother intervened with prayer
3 - Ex-Dope Dealer, used drugs at age 4 .
4 - Street fighter (New York) turned Pro Boxer.
5 - Saved in 1971 after a trip to hell.  Raised from the dead.
6 - Called to preach the gospel in 1978
7 - Healed of cancer twice.
8 - Fought in the 1984 Olympics.
9 - Turned Pro .
10 - Ministers world-wide - China, London, Pakistan, Haiti and has pioneered 5 Churches in other countries.
11 - Married to Selena for 23 years, has 7 children, one son, Scott, was killed in 1998 in Watts, California, due to a carjacking.
12 - Died a second time from the experience described in video/audio and went to heaven.
13 - Earthquake is now Pastoring in Hollywood, California.


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Video - Bound to Lose Destined to Win (Sid Roth Interview Pt 1)

Video - Bound to Lose Destined to Win (Sid Roth Interview Pt 2)

Video - Bishop "Earthquake" Kelley Testimony (Manna Fest Interview)
(281 kbs) WMV - The Mystery of Paradise

Audio CD#1 Bound to Lose - Destined to Win (Approx. 55 minutes)

Audio CD#2 Bound to Lose - Destined to Win (Approx. 55 Minutes)

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Testimony Documents



(Polish Translation by Jakub Wydawnictwo)


Interview with Perry Stone, jr. on Manna-FestPerry Stone jr.Boxing

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
    Have you or someone you know lost a child, maybe a baby or a child that was 8, 9, 10 years old or a teenager that has gone on to be with the Lord.  Where are they at right now?  What are they doing? What is taking place?   What about babies that have been aborted?  The soul and spirit of a little baby, does it exist? Or as some people teach, it is just a blob of tissue, until it becomes a child. 
    Today, I have a very special guest on Manna-Fest.  We are doing a series on life after death, a series that involves people that have personally have had experiences with life after death, and have seen paradise. They have stepped out of their physical body to act seen paradise. 
       I have with me today Bishop Earthquake Curtis Kelley.  He was called Earthquake because he was boxer.  If you look at this man you can tell he can box.  I’m glad he’s on my side.
        Bishop, you have been involved for many years in feeding poor people, inner city people, people who are drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and you’ve ministered to the poor of the poor, the needy of the Needy.
        You had a son who was 24 years of age, and you were feeding people in the Watts district, which is known around for the world as one of the toughest areas of the U.S. for gangs.  And your son’s car was carjacked and he was shot twice in the Chest and was killed instantly on December 7th, 1998. 
        However with the grief that you were experiencing, you yourself experienced a brain aneurysm, in which they didn’t think you were going to live. This was the year 2004 in December.  You were taken to the hospital.  You’ve described to me about the pain and the agony.  Tell us about the experience you had.  People have got to hear this.

Brain Aneurysm---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         When I got to the Hospital, they put me right inside the examination room.  I didn’t know I had a brain aneurysm.  I though it was just a headache.  They gave me some medication but it didn’t work, and something went wrong.  It forced the air out of my body. I felt like my chest was being crushed, like a heart attack.  So I could not breathe and I was fighting just to breathe.  I noticed that the Dr. and my wife were trying to help me, but I went into convulsions.
         During this time, all the air left my body.  I started falling, I saw myself going into this horrible pit.  I’m a minister, this is should not be happening. As I’m going into this pit, I’m hollering and screaming, “God, how could this be happening to me?  I’m a man of God, I’ve served You, I’ve done everything You told me to do.”  As I was going down I could hear all this screaming and yelling.  I got to a certain point I stopped.  Then I hear God say
, I want you to hear and see what happens to people that die at hospitals around the world, and don’t have me. They die lost!  And this is what happens to them.  He said, Don’t Fear, this is just for you to come back as a warning for those that don’t know me.
         Then I started coming back up, and He put me back in my body.  I could hear my doctors working on me, trying to get me to breathe.  I could hear everything that the doctors and nurses were saying.  I kept saying, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m alive, I’m here!”  They worked and worked on my, but after a while they just stopped.  I could hear them say, there’s nothing else we could do.”  My spirit was saying, “I’m alive,” but I couldn’t open my eyes or even lift a finger.  I was trying to lift one finger, but nothing.  I was saying, “I’m alive” but I could hear them starting to shut down the equipment, because they gave up. 
         But I hear God’s voice say
Open your eyes.  When I opened my eyes, there was one female doctor that said “Welcome back, we though we had lost you.”  From there they rushed me to another room and put on all these tubes and everything on me, in intensive care.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Tell us what happened a couple days later in your room.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        I was in my room, praising God, but I was in a lot of pain.  They had to pack my head with 2 big blocks of ice.  My blood pressure was way too high.  They had to check me ever 15 minutes to see if I had died.  So they checked me around the clock. 
         A nurse came in, and I said “can you turn on a nice Christian channel, I don’t want to see a Cops show with everyone shooting.” So she tried to find a channel but she couldn’t find one. So I said, “just shut the door and turn off the light”.
         When she left the room and shut the door, I saw this big golden beautiful thing come into the room.  I was looking right at it.  It settled at the foot of the bed.
         They had me strapped down, so I couldn’t really move.  I sat up and said, “This thing was so beautiful.  What is that?” Then like a snap of the finger, it lifted me out of the bed.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Do you think your soul came of your body, like Paul talks about in 2nd Corinthians.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yes, I left my shell.  I was looking down on my body, but I didn’t recognize, so I said, “man, that guy is in bad shape, he’s not going to make it.” I was actually looking at myself. 
         Then a second later, I was taken with this big golden thing into this beautiful garden.  I saw trees that were so big that it would take 10 men, hand to hand, to wrap around them.  I saw blades of grass where each blade had a diamond, a jewel and an emerald inside of the blade.  It was so manicured, better than any golf course.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Did you walk on it?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         I’m about 6 foot 5 inches and the angel was 7 feet tall, and the angel said “Go, walk.” I thought that the grass with the emeralds would go through my foot, and cut it.  But the angel said, no, walk.” As I walked, it felt as soft as cotton.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Amazing!  You said that you also saw the river of life.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yes, as I kept walking, I saw a river.  The river was looked like it was dancing to music.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Could you hear music?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yes, I could hear music.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         So the water was flowing with the music.  What did it look like?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         It looked like liquid diamonds, like melted diamonds, like different rainbow colors.
         I got so excited, I wanted to put some in my pocket. I wanted to drink some, I wanted to swim.  In the natural I cannot swim, but there I felt like swimming.  I was so excited to see that I thought “everybody needs to see this.
         I could see the river was coming from this real big beautiful building. I could also hear angels singing.  Then I looked at the other side of this river and I saw my son.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         The one that had been killed.  Did he look the same?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         He looked really good.  So I yelled “Hey, Scott” He said, “Dad, Dad”  
         “Is that you”, I said.  He replied, “Yes Dad, this place is much more beautiful than you or mom ever told me.” I said, “Scott, can I get on the other side, with you?
         He said, “No Dad, you can’t right now, you got to go back.
         I said, “No, where’s the boat? There’s got to be a boat here.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         So you just wanted to get across the river where he was?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yea, I just wanted to hug him.  It was 1998 since I’ve last seen him, it’s been 6 years, and I really wanted to Hug him.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         So 6 years have past had past. So he looked the same, but you said he looked great. And He knew you by name, he knew you were dad. Did he tell you anything?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yes, he said “Dad, remember when you make me that promise” 
         I was a boxer, and he could hardly hit me, I was smooth and I would always tag him all the time.  He could never get me. We were boxing in the kitchen, and he stopped and gave me the biggest hug.  This was the day before we died. He said, “Dad, I want you to make me a promise.” He was squeezing me so tight I could hardly breathe.  I said, “what’s the matter, something happen at work of something?”  He said, “no, Dad I want you to make me a promises, that you will never stop, you and Mom will never stop preaching deliverance, you would never stop helping the drug addicts and the gang members.  If you don’t make me that promises, I’m not going to turn you lose.”  I said, “ok, ok, ok son.” And he let me go and I said, “oh, man are you ok?”  He said, “I’m ok.” 
On the next day I want to preach revival in Nevada.  I got the worst call you can ever get in your life, my wife told me that he was carjacked, and he was shot in the chest point-blank twice.  To see him in paradise was, oh man.   He told me, “You have to keep doing. You can’t come in here because you are not finished, you’ve got to finish.  You gave me your word that you would finish.  You’ve got to go back and finish.” 

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Did you see anybody else?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         Yes, I saw some of the ministers that I knew, people who had passed away, people that I’ve been to their home service.  They were also on the other side.  They also said, “You can’t come, you’ve got to go back.”

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Did you think that if you crossed that river you don’t go back? Was that your perception?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
         That’s what I thought, that’s why I was trying my best to get over there.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
         Now you did see some children, tell us about the children.  This really touched me.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        As I was being pulled back toward that beautiful golden thing that took me out of intensive care, I looked on the other side and there were children running.   They were playing and having a good time. I wanted to go join them and play with them, they were having such a good time.  
        As I was standing there and that’s when I heard God’s voice say,
You’re one of those children.  I was thinking, “yes.”  There were 3 different groups of children playing, like children down here.  And God told me that one group was children that died from wars, accidents, cancer.  All different colors (nations) you can imagine.  There was another group running and playing, and He said, That group over there, were children that were aborted, and they were sent back to me.  And I could hear Him starting to cry, my God, I could hear His voice start to change like He was in so much pain.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        He sent those children to people, and they sent them back to Him.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        But there was another group playing. He said that this is a group of children that He sent to so called ‘church people’ who listen to the ways of the world, and they secretly went and had an abortion, and they sent them back.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        Oh, my.   So He had grouped the children depending on what the situations was.
        You shared with me that God spoke to you to send to the church 2 warnings. I want to everybody to pay very careful attention because this man has been into the presence of the Lord literally. Not just his anointing, but His presence.  Tell us the two warning that God gave you.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        In one warning, He said, tell my people to repent! He said they are NOT taking me seriously.
        And another warning He said that there are so many people who are holding things against Me, as if I have sinned. He said there people in the churches who have not forgiven Me, because I have not given them the things they wanted in the time they wanted it.  Or because I have not blessed their ministry to go as fast as another particular ministry.  Or because somebody they prayed for died.  They are holding grudges in their hearts against Me. Until they forgive me, I can not bless them to go forward.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        I preached the message years ago called “Forgiving God”, and when you had shared that aspect with me it absolutely startled me.  Because what God was saying was, People pray and I don’t give them what they want, when they want and how they want. And then they get mad at Me. And God told you that “I don’t sin”. They are blaming Me like I have sinned.  He said that people have got to release Him, to make it in, they are going to have to forgive God and release Him and say “God, I am sorry for how I felt about You.
        And the second warning is very stirring, it’s about the ministry. This warning was given in paradise, not in prayer.  He went out of his body from the hospital after having a brain aneurysm; went out literally. Soul and Spirit went out to Heaven, he was gone.  He thought he had died, he saw his son that has been killed by gangs; He is in paradise hearing God saying this. Go ahead tell us.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        He said that there ministers who are living anyway they want, who He has sent warning after warning after warning to repent their sins.  He said that they have a wife and many lovers.  He said that He had sent them many warnings to repent. They are chasing after money and things, instead of seeking my face.  I sent warning after warning after warning. They refused to repent. Since they refused to repent after warning after warning, many of them will die in their pulpit, the very places that they are expressing themselves from, but not of Me.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        Now since the time you have came back, have you seen anything happened that fits that description?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
       Yes, I’ve seen a couple of people that I know of in particular who fit that description. They weren’t living right, very hypocritical lives, very bad life style, but yet proclaiming to be the ministers of gospel, they died in their pulpit.  Two of them were thirty nine years old.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------Antiabortion
      Really!  Well, this doesn’t mean that every person who passes away in the pulpit or after preaching was killed by God.  But God gave warning after warning to repent.
      Another thing that you’ve shared with me was that God had spoken to you about warning America of a major terrorist attack, if they did not repent. 
       In fact, what you don’t know Bishop is that I’ve gotten a phone call, there is an Australian man, considered to be a real prophetic man.  Jesus appeared to him and said that if  ROE vs. WADE is not overturned in America, if they don’t overturn and start protecting the ones I am sending them, the little babies, severe severe judgment is going to strike the whole United States, to the point that people won’t even be able to recognize it in the future. Tell me more about what you saw.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
       He said the destruction was coming on this country (USA). He showed me a big wave that was going to hitThis was December 2004, before Katrina.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        God showed him before all these had happened.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        He showed me terrorists that are already here in this country.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        You said that you saw, though you couldn’t see their faces, but there was one woman and four men that were working as a sleeper cell.   It is a major attack. We are talking about something so major that people couldn’t even comprehend it. Super major attack.
        Last week on the show, brother Carter and Brother Tommy Bates were talking about experiences of brother Cater’s wife being dead for 21 minutes going and seeing her son 40 years prior, who have been killed in an accident, he been run over by a truck. 
        Bishop Kelley who had a brain aneurysm in a hospital, sees a vessel coming and pick him up and instantly take him into the presence of God.
        Now you listeners might be asking, “What is all this about?” In 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 it says that Paul was caught up in the third heaven, he was caught up into paradise; he saw things that were not lawful for man to utter.  Paul said he saw so much that if he came back to tell us, we wouldn’t believe it. People would not believe.
        1 Corinthians 2:9 “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him
        But God has revealed this by His Spirit, by the word of God which is our foundation, and by these insights of the people who have these experiences.
        You know there is a Doctor in Chattanooga, Tennessee called Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings, he has written several books about Life after Death.   He revived people who had gone to Hell, He revived people who have gone out of their body and gone to Heaven.  When this started happening to him, he wasn’t a believer.  There are doctors that don’t talk about it that often.  They have talked to people who have come out of their body in surgery; they come out of their body after an accident.
        The bible says that you are body, soul and spirit.  I know that some people believe in what is called soul sleep. They believe that the soul and spirit stay in the body.  I know other people who believe that there is a place of purgatory, where a person goes through certain fire and then they are purged and then they come out.
        Lord had me do a series about all these questions people have about paradise.
        But bishop, having seen and been there, did it change your outlook on life or on the future at all?

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        Oh, Yes!  God said to tell my people to take this serious. They are not taking this serious enough, being lackadaisical.
        And I will do inventory on myself everyday, to make sure that I stay within the parameter. Don’t go too far to the left but to stay with God. Get out on my hands and knees, cry out to God. Go before God and say “God I want You to use me, because I know what’s there.”  And I have to warn the souls before it’s everlasting too late. And that is what I do.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        There is a book called Heaven Golden Vessel – it’s his Testimony. (Find it at Amazon.com)
        It is a miracle for you to sit here because I’ve heard the whole story of aneurysm.  The Doctors had even told you that if you frowned you will die.

---------- Bishop Earthquake Kelley -------------------
        My wife put her hand on my head and said “Don’t frown, if you frown you will die.” They thought I would die right there.

---------- Host Perry Stone, Jr. -----------------------
        You are doing good for a dead man.  I have a friend who told me, “you’ve got to talk to this man.” When I met you in California, I bore witness with your testimony immediately.
        I know there are people that don’t believe this, they believe these experiences can’t be real.  No folk listen, you know when you had a real experience with God. You know it.  Bishop it has been a great honor to have you with me.  

(End of interview)