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Why should you consider supporting Ministries prayfully as well as financially?

* As this ministry continues to expand in many dynamic ways, so do our financial needs. From the very beginning we have always trusted in the Lords provision for this mission. As we continue to trust our father to provide for all of our many needs, we also ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us by supporting FreeCDTracts financialy. Your contributions play an important role in the expansion of this ministry and we are extremely grateful for your support.

* FreeCDTracts regularly receives professions of faith as well as renewed committments to sell out for God. The "Seed Sower" program has recruited many "Seed Sowers/Distributors" around the world committed to sowing seeds of faith wherever the Lord leads.

* currently offers 51 CD/DVD Tracts designed with the sole purpose to win souls for Jesus, discipleship, exhortation, and revival.

* This ministry is solely dependent on donations and offerings from the faithful all around the world. If you feel led to support this ministry please do so by sending funds to the links below.

* For every dollar equivalent received, the Lord can use these CDs to reach approximately 4 souls (3 souls if DVDs) in an extraordinary way. Donate $25 and radically transform lives of 100 people anywhere around the world. This does not even account for the lives the new converts will change once they start sharing this material with others.

* Please partner with this ministry today and help us reach not only the lost, but the lukewarm and backslidden. Together we can contribute to sow seeds of Truth that will breath new life into the body of Christ and start up "Revival" around the world.

* View our guestbook for the impact FreeCDTracts is having globally.


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