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Whirlwinds of Shaking Glory


"The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the WHIRLWIND and in the STORM, and the clouds are the dust of his feet."

Nahum 1:3




About This DVD Tract - This DVD Tract is directed at ALL who are asleep and need to be awakened. America WAKE UP! Sinner, lukewarm, & prodigal REPENT and return to HIGHER ground before it's too late. This DVD is a last days WARNING to those who are on a collision course with God's ultimate JUDGMENT. If you are in a right standing with the Lord you have nothing to fear because even the worst of these "Whirlwinds (e.g. Hurricanes, Tornados, Cyclones, etc.)" will appear as dust of His feet." We serve a mighty and loving God who's desire is that not one soul perish. Will you share this Word and DVD with others? Lord have mercy on us all. C.H. Spurgeon spells out the great need for a "shaking" in the following devotional excerpt:

The church needs shaking, like the man on the mountain-top does when the cold numbs him into a deadly slumber. The churches have gone to sleep for the lack of zeal, for the lack of fire. Even those who hold sound doctrine are beginning to slumber. Oh may God stir the church up! One great black cloud, only broken here and there by a few rays of sunlight, seems to be hanging over our happy country. But, beloved, there is comfort, “for the clouds are the dust of his feet.” He can scatter them in a moment. He can raise up his chosen servants, who have only to put their mouth to the trumpet, and one blast will awaken the sleeping sentinels, and startle the sleeping camp.

Fall down before his feet and worship him, for he has loved you by his grace. You know there are many fearful events which may happen to us; but we are never afraid of them, if we are saints, because they are the dust of his feet. Deadly disease may ravage this fair city once again; and thousands may die, and the funeral procession may be constantly seen in our streets. Do we fear it? No, the pestilence is but one of our Father’s servants, and we are not afraid of it, although it walks in darkness. There may be no wheat, the flocks may be cut off from the herd and the stall; nevertheless, famine and distress are our Father’s doings, and what our Father does we will not view with alarm. There is a man there with a sword in his hand—he is an enemy, and I fear him, yet my father has a sword, and I don’t fear him; I rather love to see him have a sword, because I know he will only use it for my protection.

But there is to come a sight more grand, more terrific, more sublime, and more disastrous than anything earth has yet witnessed; there is to come a fire before which Sodom's fire will pale to nothingness; and the inferno of continents will sink into less than nothing and vanity. In a few more years, my friends, Scripture assures us, this earth and all that is in it, is to be burned up. That deep molten mass which now lies in the bosom of our mother earth is to burst up—the solid matter is be melted down into one vast globe of fire; the wicked—shrieking, wailing, and cursing, will become a prey to these flames that will blaze upward from the breast of earth; comets will shoot their fires from heaven; all the lightnings will launch their bolts upon this poor earth, and it will become a mass of fire. But does the Christian fear it? No. Scripture tell us we will be caught up together with the Lord in the air, and will be forever with the Lord. ” - C.H. Spurgeon

Duration: 45 Minutes


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